Motion 70mm 78a Yellow Longboard Wielen

Metro Motion 70mm/78a Yellow - Longboard Wielen

De Metro Motion 70mm zijn center set, hierdoor een wiel dat je kunt omdraaien voor een gelijkmatige slijtage en een wiel dat geen tijd nodig heeft om in te breken. Zodra u deze fijne wielen monteert, bent u klaar voor de beste slidewielen  op de markt. Ze werken ook uitstekend voor gemakkelijk carven en cruisen.

Poured in Southern California • 78 duro in Magenta and Yellow • Made in the USA • Featuring stone ground riding surface! the best possible soft / slide / drift / fun freeride wheel. With the Metro Motion you get a center set flippable wheel that takes zero time to break in. As soon as you mount these fine wheels you are in for the best slide on the market. Now be advised they are not just some slippery wheel. They also work great for easy carving and commuting. This is the sign of a great wheel.

Metro Motion 70mm wheels

Another great wheel from the forward thinking folks at Metro Wheel company. These 70mm Motions were designed primarily for downhill slide but work equally well on everyday rides.

The Metro Motion wheel features a center set bearing seat allowing the rider to rotate wheels at the first sign of wear, thus providing longer life from your wheel. The riding surface has been stone ground, meaning these wheels are ready to go from the start! You are guaranteed 100% predictability from day one and getting sideways will never feel the same again after riding on the Metro Motion.

Diameter: 70 mm

78A: Yellow, Pink (magenta)
80A: Red, Blue, White
82A: Orange

  • Color: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow, Red
  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Durometer: 78a, 80a, 82a
  • Core position: Centerset
  • Contact Patch: 38mm


€ 47.00


Skate Wielen Metro