Floaters 77mm Longboard Wielen

Earthwing 77mm FLOATERS - Longboard Wielen 

With every deck that Earthwing drops a wheel from Superballs is designed to work with it.

The new “Floaters” are designed primarily for the Supermodel 38” and 40” twin dropthrough.
The urethane is a racing formula designed to grip with a fast rolling speed and actually rebounding faster through rough spots.

The thing that makes these wheels unique is mixing that race thane with a non- racing rounded lipped freeriding shape.
It creates a wheel that grips slides bombs and does all of that quietly and willingly.
Just lean a little more in like you mean it and feel the controlled drifting like hot butter on toast.

You can actually hear the urethane cheering you on like ssssssst!

These wheels will make you a better skateboarder.


  • 77mm 78a: red
  • 77mm 81a: blue
  • 77mm 84a: black

€ 43.95


Skate Wielen Earthwing

Floaters Superballs 70mm Longboard Wielen

Earthwing - Floaters Superballs 70mm - Longboard Wielen

Earthwing's Superball Floaters zijn wielen die zijn ontworpen rond freeride en glijden, maar ze zijn ook een geweldige optie voor iemand die het in de stad wil versnellen, cruisen of pendelen.


Earthwing's Superball Floaters are wheels designed around freeride and sliding, but they're also a great option for someone who wants to slash it up around town, cruise or commute.


  • Superball Floaters 70mm wheels
  • contact 38mm and depth 17mm offset 35mm wide core, rounded lips
  • Durometer: 78a Red, 81a Blue, 84a Black
  • Diameter: 70mm x 46mm

€ 34.95


Skate Wielen Earthwing